Writers 750 began in April of 2012 when the first short story contest, April Beasts, was posted in a group at Linked In called Writers. There were a total of eight short stories to read during that first month when the contest went live. The winning story was written by Tom Barry, author of When the Siren Calls and Saving Jay. Another author during that month was JZ Murdock, author of Sarah and Gumdrop City. His stories appear in several anthology collections. Harry Alexiou and Alli Vaughan are two authors from the first month who continued to stick with the Writers 750 group and contributed several short stories to the Giant Tales anthology series. Nikki Rosen, Stephanie Baskerville, Torgrim Mellum Stene, and KJ Rabane presented a short story in the April Beasts Short Story Contest, which made the competition even tougher. Nikki Rosen is the author of In the Eye of Deception, which won the Word Guild Award. She has been published in various anthologies. It was a successful kick off month, and since then there have been hundreds of authors who have participated.

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