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Today I am interviewing the legendary Thumper, whose life has been the subject of a series of Chronicles by ‘famed reporter’ Elaine Faber. It is our hope to find out from the cat himself if he feels he was portrayed fairly by Elaine.

1 – Thumper, in your own words, who are you?

With my ancestors’ memories, my legacy was to help Kimberlee seek her father’s killer. (See Black Cat’s Legacy) This duty defines me.

2 – Where do you live?

I was the resident cat at Fern Lake Lodge. I moved in with Kimberlee when she married Brett, the author writing a book about the unsolved murder.

3 – Are you the hero of your own story?

In the Black Cat Mysteries, I am a POV character. I share this honor with Kimberlee and Brett who do the actual mystery solving, while I lend a feline paw.

4 – Thumper, how do you deal with having all your ancestors’ memories? Is it hard to separate your own memories from the inherited ones?

All cats have their ancestors’ memories. Various happenings bring up these memories, helping me provide invaluable clues, but not on a daily basis. I still have my own memories.

5 – Do you have problems that weren’t mentioned in the story?

In Black Cat and the Accidental Angel, -(April,14, 2015), after a head injury, I spend time on an EMU ranch with another family. I learn, there are more important things in life than knowing your own name.


6 – Thumper, it would seem according to Elaine that you embrace conflict. Do you?

I will fight to the death to protect my family. In Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, I face a killer to save Grandmother… even though I don’t like her very much. She is family, after all.

7 – Do you run from conflict?

Not if my loved ones are in danger.

8 – Do you see yourself, as the Cat that must take on everyone else’s problems?


9 – Tell us Thumper, How do you think your friends see you?

I have several Search and Rescue dog friends. We have an understanding. Stay out of my way and we’ll get along fine.

10 – How about your enemies? Do they see you in the same light?

Enemies tend to ignore me at first. The second time …not so much.

11 – Thumper, in your mind how does Elaine see you?

jroneillwrites Thumber

As the physical muse of her cat, Boots, I have multiple toes on each foot, four white feet and a white bib. I am one cool cat.

12 – Thumper, do you think that Elaine portrayed you accurately?

Oh, my, yes. There is a lot of Elaine in me, thus we have a perfect understanding.

13 – What do you think of yourself?

I am dedicated, loyal, handsome, clever, funny, romantic, charming…humble, and not the least conceited.

14 – Growing up did you have a hero?

I loved Jack, the lodge caretaker. He always looked after me.

15 – Thumper, what do you want out of the rest of your life?

I seek peace and happiness for those I love, both human and feline.

16 – And what do you need?

I want to spend the rest of my life with my soul-mate, Angel.

17 – Thumper, what is your favorite thing in life?

The whiskers on my sweetie’s face.

18 – Are you afraid of anything or anyone?

Spiders. Ikk!!


19 – What makes Thumper angry?

Injustice, lies, greed, deceit–we’ve see it all in my stories.

20 – What makes you sad?

Telling your child to stand on his own four paws…There’s no more titty-milk.

21 – What does Thumper regret the most?

Not saying, I love you to someone until it was too late.

22 – What, if anything, haunts you?

Guilt, when my mistakes cause my loved ones pain.

23 – You have been betrayed in the past. How has that affected who you are today?

Feeling betrayed may be because you don’t have all the facts. Now, I try to learn the truth before I react.

24 – Thumper, you have faced down killers to save the lives of those you love. Do you think they would do the same?

When I was lost, Kimberlee and Brett never gave up searching. They would go to the wall for me.

25 – Thumper, do you keep your promises?

Within the best of my ability, as a responsible feline.

26 – Our readers (at least the eligible girl cats) would never forgive me if I did not ask this next question. Do you have a true love? Can you tell us who it is?

In Black Cat and the Accidental Angel, I am hurt, lost, and suffering memory loss. My companion, Angel, has a secret that compels her to risk her life in ways that defy understanding, protecting those she loves. She has become my one true love.

27 – Thumper, how would you describe your relationship with Kimberlee? And Grandmother?

I love Kimberlee. Grandmother? Not so much.

28 – Thumper, what is your most closely guarded secret?

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‘Tell your truths in a new and different way through your writing.’ Through my stories, I experience multiple human foibles, including fear, loyalty, jealousy, guilt, acceptance of things I cannot change, despair, shame, choices, and great joy through love. I hope to share my lessons with the reader as they experience these human trials, through the eyes and body of a cat. But don’t tell them what I’m doing. This is my most closely guarded secret.

Thumper do you have any last thoughts?

If your readers love mystery and/or cats, they will enjoy this series. Please check out my books at Amazon. Watch for Black Cat and the Accidental Angel next month.

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Elaine Faber lives in Northern California with her husband and multiple feline companions. She is a member of ‘Sisters in Crime’, ‘Cat Writers Association’, and ‘Inspire Christian Writers’ She volunteers with the ‘American Cancer Society Discovery Shop’ and the ‘Elk Grove Library’. She enjoys speaking on author panels, sharing highlights of her novels. Her short stories have appeared in multiple magazines and anthologies.

Black Cat’s Legacy, a tale of intrigue and murder with a touch of whimsy. With the aid of his ancestors’ memories, Thumper helps pursue a cold case murder.

Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, a tale of betrayal and greed with a splash of fantasy. Thumper accompanies his family to a horse ranch near the Mexico border where they confront wild horses, embezzling, false identities and attempted murder.

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