Today I am interviewing the overly energetic, bubbly smart ass Serge Farlay, Aka Sparky. He came to our attention when Piper Kay released her tell all tale of Payce and Brax in “Payce’s Passion” Yes that Sparky, the one whose life is about to be laid bare in Piper Kay’s latest installment of the Passion Series “Passion’s Pride”. It is our hope to find out from the man himself if he feels he was portrayed fairly by Piper, or if this is his way of setting the record straight.

Piper Kay

1. Sparky, in your own words, who are you?

Oh God, shuuu. Please don’t say that last name again, apparently my mother hates me. Okay, who am I? Well, just your ordinary slice of cherry cheesecake with a firecracker on top.

2. Where do you live?

In yee-haw Texas. I’m just kidding, I live in Houston, well actually on the outskirts of downtown in the Montrose area. It’s a great little community there, and close to work, so that helps.

3. Sparky, you are 20 now, what do you think is the most defining event so far in your life?

~big grin~ Last night with Ash! Haha I’m just joshing ya, but he is so defined you just wouldn’t even believe it. We sort of live together. Sort of, as in we really don’t but we have sleepovers about seven days a week. Lol. Whew. Oh, and Payce too, he’s the big biker looking guy that brought me here today. Between us, behind that jacket and those poured on black leather pants, is a man with a whip. HA-kidding again! He’s a softy, but if you ever tell him that, I will criss cross my heart and swear I never said it. He accepts me for me and he is one of the very few. So when he came along, it was good for me, he’s my best friend. Payce also gave me my nickname because he says I’m like a lightning strike down an oak tree. A spark on fire. I assume you’re talking about why I collapsed though. Well, I promised I wouldn’t give it away, but I get to live. Yay for me, and how sweet of Piper. It was scary, definitely life changing, which has it’s good and bad points.

4. Would you be the same person now if that had not happened?

Oh hell’s bells no. It made me stand up and become a man about things. I love Ash, and hopefully you will see that too. Payce once said it was okay to just be me, even though that’s what I always do anyway. People think I’m weird, but Payce said it doesn’t matter what others think, well except for him. He’s bossy like that. I’m just glad I am getting to have my own story and…well, you’ll see.

5. Okay so your 20 and from what Piper tells me you are a real wild one. Does your job define you now? Or is there some other influence that makes you the quirky high energy person sitting before me at this time?

Oh, I like that word, quirky. It makes your mouth pucker. I am a little bit hyper sometimes, but it’s nothing, I can just multi-task like a Tasmanian devil. I would say that since I got promoted to manager at Braxton’s, it has somewhat defined me. I think with my health situation, it definitely defined me. Ash, my boyfriend, well he says I am very responsible and take my job serious, which I am and I do, but define me? Hmmm…I’m not sure. I mean, how many 20 year old managers do you see that lived through what I did? Are you kidding, of course it defines me.

6. Sparky, there is no doubt as to your intelligence. What do you plan on doing with it in the future?

Working at NASA. Hahaha, no, I could never leave and go way out in space, even though I’ve been called a space cadet once or twice. I’m actually going to start college in the fall. I promised Ash I would, he wants me to have the best opportunities in life and says that is the only way you can get them.

7. Sparky, it would seem according to Piper that you also have a serious side. What can you tell us about that side of you?

Oh she did, did she? Remind me to have a little chat with Piper. I do, I guess. It’s a side I don’t like in myself much. It’s dark on that side of me, and I prefer to live life in the spotlight. Apparently from one of the hundred and fifty head doctors I’ve seen, I have a few issues. Nothing major, just abandonment really, plus something else too. I don’t know what you call it, but when you want to protect your friends, I have that too.

8. How did (and does) your being a young gay man affect you on a daily basis? And are you bothered by the bigots that are still so prevalent in our society?

Nah, they don’t bother me too much now, they used too though. That was growing up and basically anything pre-Payce. If anyone says anything, I just tell them ‘don’t knock it til’ you try it’ or ‘kick rocks’ It all depends on my mood of the day.

9. Tell us Sparky, How do you think your friends see you?

They see me just the way I am. Just me, nothing special, but not a weirdo either. They always tell me I can do anything I want in life, that they enjoy being around me, that I can be funny, especially when I’m not trying to be, and also very loyal and dedicated. I’m a really nice guy, just no one wanted to give me much of a chance when I was younger.

10. How about your enemies, do they see you in the same light?

No, but I don’t really have enemies now, that’s so high school. I’ve matured, you see. Back then though, they assumed I was weak, which I am not, but they thought it and said it. Just like they did about me being different, but kids are mean, and just because I could out multi-task them, they didn’t like me. Not sure why that mattered so much.

11. Sparky, you obviously opened up yourself to Piper knowing she intended to share your story. How in your mind does Piper see you?

OH-MA-GAWD, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Did you know that Author Lady Piper
Piper Kay

Author Piper Kay

was only going to give me one line, one I tell you, in Payce’s story? Can you believe that? I was mad about that, so after Payce and I finally met in his story, I turned on the charm and ended up with a whole book. Piper says I was a scene-stealer and tried to boot me, but I wasn’t having it. She loves me now and totally gets me. She knows how the story should go. She should, since she already wrote it, but her computer caught a case of the hackers and ended up glitching out the entire story, so we’re starting over again. She’ll be fine with my help.

12. Sparky, do you think Piper portrayed you accurately? Or is this your way of setting the record straight?

I don’t know, maybe both? I think in the first story, she was stressed, and she tried, but it was missing some “umph” to it. Don’t tell, but she stressed out way to much behind it because it’s the last story in the series, and to be honest, I’m quite a handful. Anyway, the story got serious and she had to go with it that way. We’ve talked it over and she’ll nail it this time, have faith.

13. What do you think of yourself?

I feel happy a lot, but how do I feel about myself. Hmmm…that’s hard. I think I might have a few issues, but I only have them because I do care. My momma told me that I have a heart of gold and the looks of model, which I have to agree, but that doesn’t matter really. I think, no…I know that I am strong and self-confident. I’m totally secure with myself and my sexuality, my personality and my workanality. Ha, I just made that word up.

14. Growing up, what made Serge Farlay AKA Sparky angry?

Being bullied.

15. What makes you sad?

Um, seeing people be so mean, playing on a weakness.

16. What does Sparky regret the most?

Not meeting Ash sooner. Hahaha

17. What, if anything, haunts you?

My dad leaving us, I still don’t know why he did that.

18. You have been betrayed in the past. How has that affected who you are today?

It makes me assume the worst if someone breaks their word. Like dad, who left to go somewhere and said he’d be back, but wasn’t. He still hasn’t come home.

19. Sparky, Piper has told me a little about your mother. Do you feel she did right by you as a child?

Well…if you don’t count the whole name thing, then yes. She did the best she could, but it was hard for her I think, even though she never complained.

20. Sparky, do you keep your promises?

Abso-freaking-lutely. I sure do.

21. I know there are a lot of men (and women eat your hearts out) who would never forgive me if I did not ask this next question. Do you have a true love? Can you tell us who it is?

Normally people would say I’m too young to really know what true love even is, but considering the things I have to go through in this story, I can answer 100% and without a doubt, that Ash is my one and only true love.

22. How would you describe your relationship with your boss at Braxton’s, how about with Payce?

Brax of Braxton’s is too awesome. He’s the best boss ever. He has had a lot of patience with me, but he did actually take the time with me when others didn’t. Payce, he’s almost as close as Ash is. We all get along great, and why we chose each other for our family.

23. Sparky, what is your most closely guarded secret?

Oh boy, even Ash doesn’t know this yet, but my first kiss, and I totally blame it on my youth, well it’s was just like that song “I kissed a girl and I liked it?” Well, that’s me.

24. And what is your most prized possession? And Why?

A knife, it was my dad’s and he gave it to me.

25. Last question, Sparky are your personal goals aligned with what others expect of you in the future, or do they all have it wrong?

Oh no, they’ve got it all wrong with me. I can be just like that word, quirky, but no one really knows what is real and what’s not. I think it scares them to even consider it honestly. I like to keep them guessing about me.

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