Shadow Force – Episode II

Part 2


The Shadow Force

Copyright 2013 J.R. O’Neill & Blue Mountain Publishing


It was at that moment that the red strobe light in the cabin ceiling started flashing.

“What is it Shadow?” I quickly asked.

“We’re being followed by two ships, and they’re starting to close.”

“Military, or civilian?”

“Armed civilian.”


“One light second, boss they’re hailing us.”

“On speaker.”

“Pleasure ship Allusion, this is the frigate Jihad, flag ship of Sheik Aliabad Nasser’s personal navy. Prepare to be boarded, we have information that you are carrying two passengers that the Sheik wants returned immediately.”

“Shadow prepare to drop the message capsule, and initiate emergency escape mode.”

“Frigate Jihad” I said. “We are indeed carrying some passengers that you may have an interest in. Please check the message capsule we have just dropped, and get back to us. Good day gentlemen, Shadow now!” The jump was almost instantaneous and I was sure we had left any pursuit well behind.

“Where are we?” Sara asked as we both hurriedly jumped into our flight suits and headed for the bridge.

“Austin six way point.” Shadow answered.

“Shadow plot a new course for Sol system, and have Max and Izzy join us on the bridge.”

“Right away boss.” We heard just before the red lights started flashing again, this time accompanied by a loud alarm.

“We are under attack!” Shadow informed us.

“Shields up! Full power to weapons!” I ordered about a half second before the lights went out, along with the gravity generator.

“What the hell…?” I asked as I floated weightless into the forward view screen.

“We’ve taken a direct hit to the main reactor, shields down, back up reactor coming online now. It is the same two ships.”

“Keep the shields down, but slowly bring the weapons up to power.” I ordered guessing that they did not want to destroy us until the twins were back in their hands.

Looking out the screen we saw that the two ships were now hovering motionless about one kilometer from our port bow. Sara and I had managed to get ourselves strapped in before the gravity was restored. So we didn’t end up with any broken limbs as that happened.

“Attention Allusion, we have disabled your reactor, please make no further attempts at escape or you will be destroyed.” The disembodied voice from the Jihad said.

“We surrender! Please don’t shoot again.” I said and almost giggled at the look on Max and Izzy’s faces as the two walked onto the bridge.

“Prepare to be boarded!” The voice instructed.

“We are ready.” I replied.

“Weapons at full power.” Shadow announced.

“Have everyone strap in.”


“Fire now!” I ordered.

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