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H. M. Schuldt, Fiction Writer

H. M. Schuldt

Best Tips for Success

HM Schuldt







1.) Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself. DO: When something turns out badly, say, “Oh, well.” Or “Move on!” or “Next!” Ignore ridicule.
2.) Don’t give away your power to feel inferior. DO: Manage the way you respond.
3.) Don’t be afraid of change. DO: Embrace, welcome, and be energized by change.
4.) Don’t complain. DO: Embrace the fact that you’ll never control everything.
5.) Don’t be a people pleaser. DO: Be kind and fair and not afraid to speak up.
6.) Don’t be afraid to take a calculated risk. DO: Weigh the risks and benefits thoroughly.
7.) Don’t dwell on the past. DO: Learn from the past. Spend your time in the present.
8.) Don’t make the same mistakes over and over. DO: Accept full responsibility from mistakes in the past; be self-reflective in an accurate and productive way.
9.) Don’t resent other people’s success, don’t be jealous, and don’t rely on shortcuts. DO: Feel joy for other successes. Work hard.
10.) Don’t give up after failure. DO: See your chance to improve and take it. Step closer to your goals.
11.) Don’t be afraid to work alone. DO: Treasure your time to reflect, plan, and be happy when you’re alone.
12.) Don’t act like the world owes you anything. DO: Work hard and succeed on your achievements.
13.) Don’t expect immediate results. DO: Work hard with integrity for the long haul and celebrate the small steps along the way.

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