Giant Tales Vol. 2

Giant Tales: From the Misty SwampGiant Tales: From the Misty Swamp

by H.M. Schuldt

Introduction by Professor K. R. Limn

Adventure is found in a mysterious thick wooded swamp, a dark wet place where amphibians are about to jump off the page. Experience all new marshy carnivals. Hidden in this book is a collection of knowledge dripping with slimy disguises. Learn new secrets—secrets buried deep in the swamp. Take a look at how climate change can affect people in ways you’ve never seen before. Feel the clock ticking when characters set out to find others in the slimy grimy misty swamp. These stories are full of suspense, of course, because visibility has become limited and danger could be several feet ahead. Come see how twenty authors did a remarkable job using the themes of corruption, a race against time, disguises, and a search for something lost. In this collection of short stories, you will find four chapters full of fun thrilling tales that bring forth all new entertainment.