Shadow Force Episode Three (Najeeb)

Shadow Force

Please enjoy this excerpt from Shadow Force episode three.

The scene that greeted us upon out arrival was straight out of my worst nightmare. Standing at a large table in the center of the room were Najeeb, and the Sheik. Off to the side, and most surprisingly was Mohammed. Wearing a big smile and flanked on either side, there arms draped across his shoulders were Sara and Izzy, looking very happy and satisfied, neither showing the slightest signs of recognition.

“Hello boys.” Mohammed said the smugness in his tone leaving me speechless. On the other hand, I guess in shock would be a more appropriate term. Now Max was a different story, in a heartbeat the two guards that were holding him became a lifeless pile of broken limbs on the floor. Just as quickly Mohammed’s throat was unceremoniously being crushed by Max’s hands. That is until Izzy pulled a rather ugly projectile weapon out of the holster on her leg and jammed the business end into the side of Max’s head.

“Let him go! Now!” She yelled her voice dripping with hatred, and barely disguised disgust.

“She might as well have shot him I thought as his hands dropped like a rock. The look on his face as he turned towards her was one of the saddest, most defeated looks I had ever seen. I’m sure it matched my own.

Four more guards grabbed Max and pinned him to the floor. A totally useless gesture as all the fight had gone out of him.

“Now, now boys, let’s be civilized. As you can plainly see, Sara and Izzy have made the decision to join the winning side here. They are both now my consorts.” Mohammed said with a lecherous smile as his hands roamed freely over the girls bodies. “That is of course until I tire of them. After that who knows, I’ll probably give them to my men for their pleasure. Isn’t that right Sara?”

“Whatever you want my love!” Sara replied using her sexiest tone of voice, the tone that once was reserved only for me.

“Sara!” I yelled. “What is the matter with you?”

“She looked over at me with a blank look, and then a sad little smile crossed her lips as she said, “Jon, isn’t it?”

Jon isn’t it? I thought. What the hell was going on. My entire life was disappearing in front of my eyes and I was powerless to interfere.

“Enough!” Mohammed commanded. “As you can see your girls now belong to me!” With that, he passed a vile to each of the girls, who happily broke the seals and inhaled the vaporized contents.

I felt my heart break as I watched the drug take effect. I knew instantly what it was. Of all the drugs that had made their way into civilization “Desire” was by far the most dangerous, addictive, and albeit the most pleasurable ever invented. One dose and a human being was reduced to a slave, to both the drug, and who ever could supply the next dose.

“Mohammed you have no idea who you are fucking with.” I said the hurt, anger and frustration boiling out of me.

“It really doesn’t matter Jon,” Mohammed replied. “You’re standing here naked, your girlfriend is so hooked on Desire she won’t even give you the time of day. Your ship was blown into a million pieces when I detonated the nuclear bomb that was hidden under the landing pad where Shadow once sat. So you see my little friend you have nothing left, not even your dignity.” With that, he signaled the guards to lead us away.

Episode Three Coming Summer 2015

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