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J.R. O’Neill

Copyright 2013 by J.R. O’Neill

Miami Late Summer 1908

After a bit Tom made his way towards the kitchen, and the sounds that assailed him where totally foreign to him.

“For God’s sake girl, ya didn’t put any beer in the ice box.”

“Hurry up Shannon, we are bloody starving here.”

“I was here first.”

“Were not”

“Was so”

And then Tom heard Shannon’s voice for the first time.

“If ya don’t all shut up ya can fix ya own damn dinner. I don’t need to be spending me whole bloody life playing nursemaid to a bunch of stubborn ill-bred, ignorant Irishman! And that goes for you to Mr. Thomas Kelly. Now everyone sit down and stop ya fussing.”

Tom quickly took a seat, his head ducked from the verbal beating that Shannon was dishing out. But at the same time he was totally fascinated by her. She was completely different from any woman he had ever met. Where most woman quietly lived to please the men in their lives. Doing, saying, being….whatever was expected of them. Shannon was the total opposite, doing, saying, being… what she wanted. And all poor Tom could think of was how he could be what she wanted. Not realizing that she was already thinking that precise thing.

“Pass the potatoes please…”

“Tom, papa asked ya to pass the blooming potatoes. What ya head lost in the clouds.” Shannon asked her barbed tongue finally breaking through Tom’s musings.

“Ah………..what……what was that?” Tom replied, his face quickly turning a deep shade of red. How, how could this girl be making him so flustered, that all the manners and self-confidence that his mother had instilled in him be shooting out the window like warm air on a cold day?

“I said pass the potatoes” Mike cut in trying desperately to suppress the chuckle that was building in side of him. Tom was obviously fascinated by Shannon. Which was exactly what he had hoped for. But the reality, he thought was that Tom was not making much of an impression on her… “Tom, what are your plans now that you’re here?” He finally asked. More to get Tom out of trouble than out of any great curiosity, seeing as he already had Tom’s future as well as Shannon’s planned out.

Now Tom, clearly oblivious to the older man’s machinations was trying to think of something profound to say. Something that would impress Shannon. But his mind just would not cooperate. What finally came out was“Ah… ah…I’m not sure.” definitely not his best work.

“Well now Mr. Kelly, I must say that is probably the best, most thought out plan that I have ever heard. And just how long has it taken you to decide on such a decisive course of action?” Shannon asked of the now totally embarrassed Tom. Who might have felt better if he could have raised his eyes long enough to see the mischievous twinkle in Shannon’s eyes…


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