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I am excited to announce this new section on the website

Here you will find interviews with a wide assortment of characters interviewed by this author J.R. O’Neill with the help of those who know them best! The very reporters to whom they have entrusted their stories.

Character Interviews with Thumper the Cat, a black cat like you’ve never known. Anna Catherine Picard, The lethal agent hiding behind her law degrees, and Shadoe Van Ives, soldier extraordinaire, and many more coming in the weeks ahead.

Thumper The Cat

Character Interviews

Next up here is Anna Catherine Picard. You will not belive what she has been up to!

Anna Catherine Picard

JRONEILL - Anna Picard

Anna Picard

Here you will meet Mr. Shadoe Van Ives, Statesman, Warrior, Killer.

Shadoe Van Ives

book cover digital

Coming Soon interviews with other major characters.

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