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Today I am interviewing the elusive, and exclusive Anna Catherine Picard. Yes that Anna, the one whose life has been the subject of a series of Chronicles by famed reporter Randy Dutton. It is our hope to find out from the woman herself if she feels she was portrayed fairly by Randy, or if this is her way of setting the record straight.

JRONEILL - Anna Picard

Anna Picard

1 – Anna, in your own words, who are you?

Some would say I’m a true believer in the Agenda-21 ‘mankind is destroying the Earth’ mantra. Well…I’m more complicated than that. Sure, the global warming issue has given me an opportunity to profit. But more to the point, I am who I need to be depending upon my needs, and I’m not encumbered by ethics.

2 – Where do you live?

I’ve been living in this pretty little villa on Cap Ferrat. It’s a cape on the French Riviera separating Nice, France from Monaco and is considered the world’s second most expensive real estate. It centers me among the global elite – the rich, the powerful, the famous – exactly the people I need to manipulate. My villa’s, well, actually Alexis Swanson owns it, is Mediterranean pink with loads of flowers and has a lovely southern view of the Mediterranean. Seriously, you can’t beat the weather! Regrettably, that’s all about to change. But don’t tell Swanson!

3 Anna, we have read that you were only seven and living on base in Okinawa, when your mother drowned in a ferry accident. Do you think this is where your life began to turn?

Yeah, losing mom was tough, maybe even more for Dad than me. He never laughed after that and every time he looked at me, he got sadder. I was told I had her looks and artistic talent.

jroneill anna picard

4 – At age fifteen you were drugged and taken prisoner and abused for days. How did you deal with those emotions then? And now, are you able to compartmentalize the traumatic events, or do you relive it in your mind to this day?

Come on, let’s call it what it was. I was raped! Over and over, to the point my tears stopped and I was emotionally numb. I had always trusted people before, and if a marine who worked for my dad would target me, how could I ever trust anyone again? But that second night, lying in that shack tied to the bedposts, bruised and sore, something changed in me. I boxed up my weakling fears and got angry and plotted my revenge. That’s when my life really turned. With dislocated thumbs and bloodied wrists, I struggled free, and despite all that happened, I was able to mask my shame and injuries. I prepared two years before I took revenge…and when I did, I felt empowered!

5 – Okay so at 19 you lose your father, and basically went wild, we have read that you turned to being an unstoppable party girl who turned into a high-end escort. Was it Gabriel who managed to reach you, and bring you back into living life? If not Gabriel, then who or what made you change?

I know it’s irrational but when dad died in the helicopter crash, I felt he had abandoned me. I decided that with no family, I had an opportunity. I had always wanted to live an exotic life in Europe, so I remade myself…imagining I was an elite. But high fashions, fine wine, and conning my way into grand parties became pretty expensive. After blowing through dad’s life insurance that summer, I found that I was addicted to living large, so I used my new social skills to manipulate wealthy men into paying my college expenses. Make no mistake, I still had a fairly good life even if I had to subordinate myself a bit – it was all a game to me. But I didn’t just seduce each client, I learned their secrets.

Gabriel? I call him Gadget, and yes, he opened another chapter. At the beginning of my second year at Harvard, Gadget had just left the CIA and was on assignment for Swanson. He saw through my disguise. Oh, did I mention that I used makeup, costumes, and varying foreign accents when I entertained? Yeah, camouflage and languages are among my skills. Anyway, Gadget bribed me to steal information from one of my regulars, a financier. As a result, my client lost his fortune to Swanson, and Alexis funded my next two years at Harvard and gave me full-time employment.

6 – Anna, there is no doubt as to your intelligence. With degrees from UCLA and Harvard it would seem you could have chosen any career path. What convinced you to become the fixer to one of the most unscrupulous and undoubtedly one of the richest men on earth?

Immediate power backed by the world’s most powerful man? What’s not to love?

7 – Anna, it would seem according to Randy that you embrace conflict. Do you?

Ever meet a lawyer who didn’t thrive on conflict? Me neither. I love the adrenalin rush.

8 – How did (and does) your martial arts training help you to stay focused in a world that almost never is (in focus)?

I’ve got a nearly perfect recall that can be a real curse. Most times, my mind is racing with ideas and schemes, and though I mentally compartmentalize each major event, I can still get overwhelmed. So to focus, I like to hit things. The targeting and pain keep me centered. That’s partly why I love close contact kickboxing.

9 – Tell us Anna, How do you think your friends see you?

Friends? Those are harder to define. I’ve got thousands of acquaintances, hundreds of associates, and dozens of casual friends. Most would be men who see me as their next conquest or want to use my skills, and I’m not very trusting of them. Women think I’m a threat, and I won’t repeat the nasty names they use. But close friends? I don’t trust anyone to get that close.

10 – How about your enemies? Do they see you in the same light?

Ah, now we’re talking respect!

11 – Anna, you obviously opened up your secretive life to Randy knowing he intended to share your story. How in your mind does Randy see you?

He doesn’t trust me either…always probing my ulterior motives. Other than Pete, Randy was the first one to see my self-doubt…my wavering conviction to this global warming scheme.

12 – Anna, do you think Randy portrayed you accurately? Or is this your way of setting the record straight?

I’m sure some of my actions have surprised him but, to tell the truth, he’s been accurate and fairly supportive. But I’ll give much of the credit to his wife. Through the bug I planted in his office, I know she saved my life by convincing Randy that I was redeemable. And because of her lobbying, he’s given me the benefit of doubt on more than one occasion. Still, I’m keeping my eye on him.

13 – What do you think of yourself?

I’m wickedly good. Yeah, I know I’ve got my mother’s beauty, but that just makes me an object of desire. And her artistic skills help my spycraft and make me pleasant to be around. More importantly, I’ve got my dad’s brilliance and tactical skills, and that makes me dangerous. What I lack is a moral compass.

14 – Growing up did you have a hero?

Catwoman! Puuurrrrrrrrrr.

Anna Catwoman

15 – Anna, what do you want out of the rest of your life?

Strange as it sounds, to have a normal life.

16 – And what do you need?

Uncomplicated love from a man who will always have my back.

17 – Can you tell us what makes you the happiest?

I used to think it was being in total control. But after meeting Pete, I’ve got much simpler desires.

18 – Are you afraid of anything or anyone?

Unrelenting torture. The kind of continuous cruelty that crushes the spirit.

19 – What makes Anna Catherine Picard angry?

When one of my schemes falters, usually from something I didn’t foresee – then I’m angry at myself. But failure also forces me to be a better planner. Or, if someone starts questioning my competence, yeah, that really pisses me off.

20 – What makes you sad?

Thinking about the victims of our Agenda-21 schemes. The poor dupes who will never know how manipulated the system is against them. And then there’re the Snath species, there’s something about them that isn’t right.

21 – What does Anna Catherine Picard regret the most?

Not convincing my mother to stay at home.

22 – What, if anything, haunts you?

How absently I treated my father after mom died, not realizing how much pain he was in. Maybe that’s why I got the psychology degree at UCLA.

23 – You have been betrayed in the past. How has that affected who you are today?

I’ve become extremely paranoid. But just because I am, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me. In fact, I know they are.

24 – Anna, you have been with Swanson for 10 years, have you asked yourself yet “is this all there is?”

Yeah. I’ve been living a dream and the illusion is starting to fade. Swanson, however, is still going strong, and expects me at his side till the day he dies.

25 – Anna, do you keep your promises?

I’ll move heaven and earth to fulfill a promise, and not all have good intentions. So you’ll want to stay on my good side. But I also reserve the right to lie, even to those I love. Pssst. Don’t tell Pete.

26 – I know there are a lot of men (and women) who would never forgive me if I did not ask this next question. Do you have a true love? Can you tell us who it is?

There’s only one man who’s risked his life to rescue me without expecting something in return…. Him.

27 – How would you describe your relationship with your boss Alexis Swanson?

jroneill anna picard

He’s a sweet curmudgeon who dotes on me like a granddaughter. From his largess I have nearly everything I want. In return, I’ve let him define my morality.

28 – Anna, what is your most closely guarded secret?

Despite all the population control issues I’ve helped Swanson advance, I actually like kids.

29 – And what is your most prized possession? Why?

I recently acquired an eccentric painting that fused to my soul. Like an epiphany, its passion and horror gripped my core. It took a long time to understand its power.

30 – Last question, Anna are your personal goals aligned with the Agenda-21 cabal?

They used to be. Agenda-21 was a means to an end, a way to attain great personal wealth and power. But the higher I climbed on the backs of the naive, the more remorse I felt.

Thank you Anna, I feel as though I really know a few things about you now, some good and some scary. But isn’t that what life is all about…

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