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J.R. O’Neill

J.R. O’Neill was born in Malden MA in 1959, the only son of a self-employed oil man and a stay at home mom. Early in life he found a love of reading, and exploring. Moving to Peabody MA at the age of seven, he attended Veterans Memorial High, majoring in English literature, and drafting. His architectural accomplishments include many custom luxury homes in New Hampshire’s White Mountains as well as in Cape Cod. Called to South Carolina after hurricane Hugo, J.R. designed and built the Divine Redeemer Catholic Church in Hannahan SC. Now living on the west coast of Florida he resides with his loving wife Vikki, and a temperamental cat named “Squishy” He is the author of the “Shadow Force Series” and the up coming novel “Miami”

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  1. Patricia Scholes

    I lost your contact information.  I was going through some old emails and found that you had agreed to review my book.  Since I don’t send out hard copies, I am willing to send you a PDF copy if you will please send me your email address to mine:  writtenword@live.com.  
    I hope you’re still interested.  I would be glad to reciprocate.
    Patricia Scholes

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thanks Patricia I will send you my email or if you get back here first it is jroneill53@gmail.com

  2. admin (Post author)

    I posted a review of Patricia’s book Steps of the Dance:

    “Steps of the Dance” is the story of a race of people called Krindarwee, their spiritual laws led them to live in harmony with nature and one another that is until the invasion by the Nevians. They purported to live in peace with the gentle people of Krindarwee, the truth was something else entirely… for along with the Nevian conquerors came a malevolence referred to as Moloch…This presence represented itself as a benevolent sprit one who would bring happiness…and pleasure. The truth would soon come out. Although equipped with extrasensory powers of the mind the Krindarwee people were treated as outcasts and their powers forbidden by the Nevian overlords.
    Tadessa, the young female protagonist is under fire from all sides, her uncle Jem, an office holder in the Nevian government controlled by Moloch seeks to destroy… kill…eradicate… his family members because Tadessa is prophesied to be the Chosen Daughter promised by Khaadi (The Krindarwee higher power) to be the savior of her people.
    Through all the trials and tribulations including the capture of Tadessa’s mother by the Nevian government, up to the father and daughter reunion this story will keep you glued to the pages… Sleep I don’t think so…
    The heroes and villains will suck you into the story and have you counting the days until the release of the next installment.

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